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John Britti


Ireti is an experimental VR film written and directed by Anglik Laboy that uses the affordances of the medium to explore the life of a queer college student.

This projects is a collage of media forms intgrating 2D and volumetric footage with photogrammetry, hand-modeled assets, and hand-designed shader VFX. It was really exiting to work with all these forms and tackle the challenge of piecing them all together.


  • August 2021 - February 2022


  • VR Team Lead


  • Unity
  • RealityCapture
  • Blender
  • Shadergraph
  • Oculus VR


  • VR
  • Unity Dev

My Role

My role in the project was to lead the VR development team, which meant I was in charge of:

  1. Coordinating with the writer/director realize her scenes in VR
  2. Coordinating with the Animation Lead to integrate her team's work
  3. Developing the core systems necessary to run the film in VR
  4. Managing the project timeline and assigning tasks to other developers on my team
  5. Producing several significant effect sequences for different scenes, including code, shaders, models, and other art assets

As you might expect, this was a lot to manage, but my team made it easy for me, and together we worked to produce an impressive VR experience.


Here's a bunch of media I captured throughout the development of Ireti.

Early prototype showing our test room with different interactions
In-editor view of the glitch controller, allowing the director easily key the complex shader effect
In-editor view of the sun controller, similarly controlling a complex shader effect
To avoid water simulation in real-time, I built a water shader that fills up this helmet